Top Three Considerations for Choosing an Executive Coach Certification Program 

So you want to be a certified executive coach. Where do you get certification? How do you choose a provider? Is there a specific certification that you need? These are questions that might be on your mind. The good news is, you have a lot of freedom choosing the right program for you, depending on many factors (we'll get to that later).

Because of all the providers and programs available today, it's probably not going to be that easy. But it can always get easier if you go out there prepared with knowledge. Here are three important steps to take before choosing an executive coach certification program:

1. Do some honest-to-goodness research. Proceed to this site

Don't run a search and expect to make a smart decision in five minutes. Like a college degree, this is something you'll want to ponder on. Remember, this can be your ticket to a brilliant career as an executive coach, so choose well. Never sacrifice quality for cost. With a good program, you could be looking at $5,000 to $10,000 or even more. Now compare that to your minimal potential earnings of $100,000 a year as an executive coach. You call that investment. 

2. Learn how to spot real from fake. 

Unfortunately, anyone who has a nice website and some credit cards can market themselves as an executive coach. It's your responsibility to know who's real and who's fake. It sure helps to check with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an organization that developed rigorous standards for all schools to follow to get accreditation. So when you choose a certification course provider, make sure they are ICF-cerified.

3. Consider your personality, interests and lifestyle. Read more here

Lastly, it's important to consider the method of delivery and areas of specialization that different schools offer. For instance, there are those that focus mainly on leadership coaching, while others only teach in-person training. In either case, you will have to be physically present at the school's in order to take their course. On the oher hand, some centers may specialize in coaching for entrepreneurs or young professionals, and offer classes strictly through video conferencing .

In any case, it's good to be a specialist. Who wants to listen to a generalist anyway? Everybody is looking for someone they know is uniquely knowledgeable about their situation in life or business. Knowing which area to focus on can be your first big step towards creating your own personal brand as an executive coach. View